What is the difference between a Global Mobility Provider and a Relocation Provider?

Frequently there is confusion over the different types of providers, with global mobility providers often being confused with relocation providers. In very basic terms, the differences are as follows.

Global Mobility provider

A Global Mobility provider, such as ourselves, engages with the company and assignee and is typically involved in the structuring of a global mobility programme as well as end-to-end management of the international assignment. In the case of IPM, we cover areas outside of the assignment itself such as global mobility policy review or development and audits of existing assignees to ensure compliance with tax, social security and immigration requirements.

IPM provide estimates for each assignment, detailing home and host country tax calculations, cost of living differentials etc, we also prepare balance sheets for payroll purposes, assignment letters and if required carry out assignee briefings. IPM liaises with tax advisors to arrange entry and exit interviews in the home and host country and notify them of tax return requirements in the home and host countries. IPMs services also include coordination of work permit/visa applications, host country registration procedures, home and school search, language and cultural awareness training and freight. IPM also offers payroll coordination, expense claim approval and processing, as well as cost and management reporting.

Relocation Providers

Relocation providers typically engage with the assignee and are employed by an organisation to handle the softer elements of an assignment, such as home and school search, freight, visas & immigration, and language and cultural awareness training. The Relocation provider’s role comprises of specific elements within the overall global mobility programme, rather than the full end-to-end service offered by a Global Mobility provider. For further information, you can reach us at [email protected]