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Business Moving & Employee Relocation Company UK

Relocation refers to the process of moving from one location to another, usually involving a change in residence or workplace. It can be a complex and challenging task that requires planning, organisation, and coordination from businesses to ensure a smooth transition. Whether moving locally or internationally, it’s important to consider various factors such as cost, logistics, and legal requirements to make your employees relocation successful.

Home Search

From our approved supplier panel, we will engage a relocation agent to co-ordinate a home search, advise them on the budget and housing requirements. We will liaise with them to ensure the lease is suitable and arrange all necessary up-front payments with HR/assignee. We will manage all relevant issues.

International Healthcare

We will enrol your assignee and any accompanying family in the company international healthcare scheme if applicable.


We will arrange for up to three of our freight suppliers to survey the assignee’s belongings, in accordance to the allowances stated in the policy. We will then review all quotes and award the move to the supplier who provides the most suitable quote, further to discussion with you, HR and the assignee.

Assignee Contact

We will provide advice and support in relation to any assignment arrangements to your assignee’s during the course of the assignment with contact at least quarterly.

School Search

We will discuss and agree with you and in line with your global mobility policy any education assistance that may be required, whether in fee paying or non-fee-paying schools. Engage relocation agent to co-ordinate a school search as per agreed criteria.

Cultural/Language Training

From the IPM approved panel we will engage a suitably qualified organisation to provide cultural and language training to the assignee and family to agreed levels as detailed in policy. This service may also include a familiarisation visit in the local area.

Tenancy and Lease management

We will work closely with our third-party Destination Service Providers to provide support in negotiating rental fees, lease management, property hand over and take over, plus any ad-hoc services such as a handyman and cleaners pre-departure. Other professional services we can provide are setting up of bank accounts and “no fee” money transfers.

Assignee Partner Support

We will provide support to the assignee’s partner through our dedicated supplier network, ensuring the partner is settled, reassured and supported throughout the assignment.

I need help with my Relocation requirements


Are you looking for relocation experts?


Have you considered the amount of time and resources your business will need to dedicate to managing the relocation process for your employees?


Do you have experience and expertise in handling international relocations and managing the complex logistics involved in these types of moves?


Are you confident that you can provide your employees with a comprehensive and competitive relocation package that includes all necessary services and support?


Have you considered the potential risks and liabilities associated with managing employee relocations in-house, such as legal, tax and social security, and immigration from the compliance perspective?


Do you have a network of reliable and trustworthy partners in the relocation industry, such as independent relocation agents (rather than real estate agents), immigration lawyers, and transportation providers?


Have you considered the potential impact on your business if your employees’ relocations are delayed or encounter unexpected issues due to inadequate planning or management?


Do you have a clear understanding of the costs associated with managing employee relocations in-house, including direct and indirect expenses?


Have you explored outsourcing your relocation services to a reputable and experienced relocation management company that will provide a customised and cost-effective solution to meet your specific needs and requirements?