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Global Business Mobility Visa & Immigration Consultant UK

Our solutions expand over 160 countries, we provide both technical and advisory help to our customers. Our method incorporates risk management and compliance solutions to safeguard your business against unnecessary fines and negative publicity caused by employees engaging in unlawful activities.

Our focus is to ensure that the timescales before assignment can commence are fully understood, and that the employee and family are residing ‘’legally’’ within their destination country.

Some of the help we offer is:

  • Short and long-term business/visitor visas for residents of any home country travelling to any host destination.
  • Work permits for intracompany transfers and countries worldwide.
  • Document legalisations, apostilles, and translation services.
  • Dedicated account management support.
  • Robust management reporting, including sponsor and migrant obligations.
  • Online and offline employee assessment capabilities

I need help with my Global Immigration requirements


Will a work permit be needed?


What type of work permit is needed?


How long does it take for a work permit to be approved?


Is the company registered as an employer in the destination country?


Is your Spouse eligible to work in the destination country under the terms of your permit?