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Running a business is like navigating a complex maze with many obstacles and challenges. That’s where we come in – think of us as your expert guides who can help you find the best path forward. We’ll help you identify the roadblocks, develop a winning strategy, and provide the support and guidance you need to reach your business goals by offering a range of services that will give you peace of mind.

  • Audit of existing assignment programs, to ensure best practice and compliance in respect of tax, social security and immigration
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Policy Development – review existing policies (for example, for short, medium term, permanent or commuter type arrangements), or work with you to build new policies to meet ever changing circumstances
  • Process mapping to maximise productivity throughout the life cycle of an assignment
  • Template Development – working with you to develop template documents for use in the assignment process
  • Atypical assignments – advising on remote working scenarios or extended business travel (in the context of immigration, tax and social security risks)

The above points relate to consultancy on a strategic and standalone basis. However, all new assignments begin with a full consultative analysis of each situation in terms of policy, compliance and cost.’

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Are you experiencing any specific challenges or issues within your business that you’re struggling to address on your own?


Have you noticed a decline in performance or growth within your business that you’re having difficulty reversing?


Do you feel that you’re not utilising your resources or personnel to their full potential?


Are you having difficulty keeping up with changes in your industry or marketplace or struggling to adapt to new trends?


Are you considering a major shift or expansion within your business, such as a new product launch or market entry, and need expert guidance to navigate the process?