Who we are

IPM Global is a multi award winning company established in 1995 and is one of the leading corporate global mobility providers in the UK offering over 25 years experience of high touch services to clients worldwide.

We offer a unique range of innovative services including tailor-made solutions developed by specialists within the team enabling us to develop Global Mobility Policy provisions – to ensuring compliance, travel management, and financial control.

Our team of experts comes from a variety of backgrounds including in house, legal, tax, and HR to offer our clients a completely comprehensive service in an ever-changing environment.

We support a diverse range of clients including Fortune 500 and multinational companies each with a complex international workforce. Our clients can confidently outsource every aspect of their global mobility solution for any country to IPM in the full knowledge that we will ensure compliance with local laws and regulations for immigration, labour law, and tax requirements. With our technology, our clients will have access to an online global platform providing status reports and tracking of their assignee population. We offer online tax calculators for fast track calculations and costing of assignments to manage budgets efficiently and quickly.

The company understands the challenges associated with ensuring that employees have the right documents to travel, work, and conduct other activities abroad as well as managing their entire relocation process worldwide. IPM creates highly customized solutions for its clients that range from bespoke global immigration solutions to our highest touch dedicated team offering. Our measured customer satisfaction, derived from a brief survey taken by over 20% of clients, exceeds 97%.


IPM is the unique partner of choice for companies wanting to develop, manage, and support their established mobility programmes and for those entities with mobility aspirations that are making their first foray into the global workplace. We achieve this by offering tailored services delivered through our teams’ extensive knowledge of, and expertise within the industry.

Being transparant, open & honest

We maintain the highest ethical standards and transparency in our work and in our dealings with our colleagues, clients, partners, and other stakeholders. We will deliver on what we say and will always be fair and truthful.

Working together in partnership

We trust and support each other and work as one high performing team with our colleagues; our clients and their employees; our partners and stakeholders, alike.

Being professional

We will measure our results against KPI’s and will never be satisfied with anything less than the highest standard of service. We off value and flexibility and strive to meet the future needs of our clients, partners, and stakeholders. We also meet the ongoing development needs of our colleagues in an ever-changing global industry.

Recognising & respecting others

We recognise and respect the needs and views of our colleagues; clients and their employees; suppliers and stakeholders; alike.

Listening & understanding

This means that we foster a culture of listening & understanding that underpins our core values.