Global Mobility Trends of 2023; The Predictions are In

As we move into 2023, experts predict global mobility will continue to rise. This trend marks an exciting shift in workplace culture, and if businesses want to stay ahead of the curve, they need to plan. In this blog post, our Senior Global Mobility Consultant Ian Brannan explores the predicted trends for 2023 and offers insights on how to prepare for them.

Cost-Effective Flexibility: A Key Consideration for Global Mobility

There’s plenty of evidence to indicate Global Mobility will become an increasingly popular option due to its flexibility and convenience. Global mobility can be an excellent option for your employees due to the allure of its convenience. Still, ensuring your benefits packages balance your employees’ output is essential. The juice needs to be worth the squeeze!

Investing in a quality global mobility program may seem like a considerable expense, but failing to handle relocations appropriately could cost you an even bigger one in the long run! So keep an open mind when looking into options for your global mobility requirements, which incorporate the needs of your business, industry, workforce and, of course, the assignees themselves.

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The Sharing Economy and Its Impact

So, why start planning now? Experts predict that the global mobility industry will undergo a rapid transformation in the next few years, with the rise of the sharing economy earmarked to be one of the most notable changes. In addition, more people are participating in ride-sharing, co-housing, and co-working activities. Why is this emerging culture exciting? Well, as these services become more accessible, they could reduce users’ costs by up to 60%. Seeing these tangible savings firsthand has prompted many to seek new ways to save time and money.  As a result, it is time for you to consider how you can make your offerings available as part of this dynamic sector. After all, missing out on indulging in the sharing economy could cost you valuable opportunities in 2023. To create a strong workplace culture and attract quality talent, you must ‘keep up with the times’.

The Gig Economy and Its Impact

Experts also project that the gig economy will continue growing in the coming years. With digitalisation changing how we engage with and find employment, more people are becoming independent contractors or freelancers. As a direct result, there is a wave of brand-new business opportunities that offer much-needed flexibility, empowering many to work at their own pace and on their terms. This new way of working grants you a great range of options, including remote working for internal staff. Therefore, it is a crucial consideration when you are looking to implement a Global Mobility program that fits your industry and company culture.

Urbanisation and Its Impact

Another trend we expect to see is urbanisation as a constant force in the global economy. From creating better economies of scale, its impact on infrastructure, and technological innovations to reducing pollution, urbanisation’s impact on mobility will remain an important topic through 2023 and beyond. As a result, businesses should consider ways to adapt their global mobility initiatives to account for the increased concentration of people within urban centres and remain aware of both the opportunities and challenges this particular trend could generate.

The Rise of Adaptive Technology

As we move into 2023, technology will likely play an even more significant role in global mobility. Therefore it is worth focusing on utilising and developing technologies you can use to simplify processes, allowing you to keep pace with emerging trends. Adaptive technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT, opens access to a wealth of data and insights you can use to optimise your global mobility programs. From automating administrative tasks to predicting employee needs, adaptive technology will help companies to make better decisions and improve the overall employee experience. Furthermore, if you can harness the power of adaptive technology, you will be better positioned to compete in an increasingly mobile workforce.

With this in mind, at IPM, we are also huge advocates of preserving the human element within your global mobility program. Technology can only go so far when handling the emotional upheaval of global reassignment for assignees and any loved ones who come along for the ride!

Integrated Mobility Solutions from IPM Global

At IPM Global, we understand the importance of maintaining a human touch in global mobility programs, even as technology advances. Our highly experienced mobility consultants have supported companies through recessions and world crises. We understand the speed and urgency needed when companies adapt. Juggling your assignee population while maintaining compliance in your organisation is no easy feat. That is why we rely on more than our previous experience. Our team stays current on shifts and trends in global mobility, from changes in business traveller regulations to political turmoil. This commitment lets us strategically advise clients and help them achieve their commercial objectives. So if your company is considering implementing or expanding a global mobility program, contact us today for a friendly, no-obligation discussion.