Navigating Global Expansion: A Guide to The SAFE(R) Model

In this ever-changing landscape, teaming up with a full-service Global Mobility provider who advocates for customers to utilise the innovative SAFE(R) Model for Global Mobility isn’t just about operational efficiency and cost savings. The SAFE(R) Model is a framework that enables businesses to successfully navigate compliance and regulatory control while safeguarding the well-being of the global workforce and their families. This approach developed by The RES Forum is a game-changing aspect of effective Global Mobility solutions implemented by organisations worldwide.

The Foundation: The SAFE(R) Model for Global Mobility

The SAFE Model, which emerged in the 2018 Annual Report from The RES Forum, has gained significant traction as a solution for Global Mobility (GM). It provides a comprehensive approach that addresses both the strategic and operational aspects of GM, delving into the intricate details of processes while emphasising the importance of the human element. With 40 recommendations, this model is a one-stop holistic solution for GM.

The global business landscape has undergone significant changes due to various events such as COVID-19, geopolitical shake-ups, and a growing interest in sustainability. In light of these changes, The RES Forum and academic researchers conducted interviews and decided to take a fresh look at the SAFE Model. Today’s Global Mobility teams are facing unprecedented challenges due to recent uncertainties. 

While old concerns still exist, the constantly changing external environment adds new layers of complexity, requiring a strategic rethink. As employees seek more flexibility and substantial career advancement when going abroad, the desire for international experience remains but takes on a new dimension. On the business side, there is a shift towards relying more on local talent, which has changed how we think about Global Mobility. It is no longer just about moving people to where the work is; it’s about finding ways to bring the work to the people. Consequently, policies and procedures must be examined critically.

The Team-Up: Partnering with a Full-Service Global Mobility Provider

As a full-service Global Mobility provider, IPM has extensive knowledge of international laws, regulations, and cultural differences. This knowledge is crucial because approximately 40% of global assignments encounter difficulties due to the challenges of adjusting to a new country. 

Our team will create a tailored plan covering everything, from finding a place to live to learning a new language – to ensure employees feel supported and at ease in their new environment. They also help with smarter spending by offering advice on saving money during relocation while ensuring everything follows local laws and regulations to avoid legal issues and headaches. Cultural training and language classes can also be organised to help employees adapt to a new culture. In the case of unexpected events, IPM has a vast network of solutions that can help address everything from finding a place to live to sorting out transportation. IPM Global stands out among Global Mobility experts because it blends the human touch with the latest technology. Their experienced advisors closely monitor industry trends and shifts, guiding clients towards achieving their goals.

Integrated Mobility Solutions from IPM Global

At IPM Global, we understand the importance of maintaining a human touch in Global Mobility programs, even as technology advances. Our highly experienced mobility consultants have supported companies through recessions and world crises. We understand the speed and urgency needed when companies adapt. Juggling your assignee population while maintaining organisational compliance is a challenging feat. That is why we rely on more than our previous experience. Our team stays current on shifts and trends in Global Mobility, from changes in business traveller regulations to political turmoil. This commitment lets us strategically advise clients and help them achieve their commercial objectives. So if your company is considering implementing or expanding a Global Mobility program, contact us today for a friendly, no-obligation discussion.