Empowering Tanzanian Education in 2024: IPM and Relocate the Profit

At IPM Global, we’re in the business of moving more than just goods; we’re about moving lives forward. With the welfare of people at the centre of our Global Mobility decisions in 2024, we remain committed to a vision that goes beyond the logistics of global mobility. Our partnership with Relocate the Profit, established in 2022, stands as a testament to our dedication to making a genuine difference in the lives we touch through our work. Therefore, empowering Tanzanian education in 2024 is a quintessential alternative.

Choosing Relocate the Profit: A Reflection of Our Values

The alliance with Relocate the Profit was a natural step for us, driven by our shared commitment to transparency and making a positive impact. This initiative aligns perfectly with our ethos, focusing on improving educational access and conditions for young people in Tanzania. We are proud to extend our support to the Livingstone Tanzania Trust and Relocate the Profit for their efforts in this direction, and we look forward to contributing towards their ongoing initiatives.

Empowering Tanzanian Education in 2024: Our Impact in Action

Moreover, IPM’s contribution involves donating £1 for every invoice raised, directly supporting the efforts of the Livingstone Tanzania Trust. Over the years, their initiatives have significantly improved the quality of life and education for over 25,429 people. From renovating and building classrooms and toilets to providing handwashing facilities and livelihood training, their work embodies Stewardship, Longevity, Integrity, Collaboration and Equity (SLICE)—principles that resonate with our own.

Additionally, one remarkable project initiated is the Bunk Beds for Dormitories project. It has played a vital role in improving students’ safety and educational experiences, especially for girls. By providing secure accommodation, the fund aims to eliminate the risks that come with long and hazardous commutes to school. This initiative also boosts the local economy by engaging local craftspeople and businesses.

Insights from Alan: Empowering Tanzanian Education in 2024

Reflecting on this collaboration, Alan from IPM shares, “As we enter 2024, our partnership with Relocate the Profit and the Livingstone Tanzania Trust remains a testament to our dedication to making a difference. It’s a clear demonstration of our belief in going beyond business and creating environments where young minds can safely and effectively pursue their education. We’re in it to create lasting, positive impacts.”

Join Us on This Journey

Finally, we are excited to continue supporting the Livingstone Tanzania Trust through Relocate the Profit and create a legacy of positive change that goes beyond our immediate business objectives. Our goal is to set an example by taking the lead; we can continue proving through our actions that businesses can play a pivotal role in advancing societal goals and equality across the globe. 

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Together, we can continue to make a significant difference, one step at a time.

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