The Enhanced Benefits of Partnering with a Full-Service Global Mobility Provider that Understands the SAFE(R) Model

Are you a growing business planning to expand into new markets? Navigating foreign laws, regulations, and cultural differences can be daunting at the best of times. However, businesses that adopt the SAFE(R) model can gain further traction by partnering with a comprehensive full-service Global Mobility provider who understands the framework and how to derive the most value from this revolutionary approach.

Breaking this acronym down further, the SAFE(R) model is an approach to Global Mobility that focuses on being Smart, Agile, Flawless, Efficient, and Resilient. It provides a comprehensive approach to Global Mobility, addressing each element’s strategic and operational aspects. In this SAFE(R) blog series, we will give a brief overview of each component, along with a definition, and then expand upon the benefits of each practice in future blogs, so stay tuned.

  • Smart: The smart way to handle international human resource management (IHRM) involves strategically using technology and data to manage talent, particularly in a global workforce. Advanced analytics play a crucial role in talent forecasting in uncertain geopolitical environments.
  • Agile: The ability to respond quickly and effectively during a crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, is essential. Organisations should be prepared to adapt staffing to changing market conditions and regulations, emphasising contingency plans and scenario analysis.
  • Flawless: Achieving flawless execution in IHRM means streamlining processes, ensuring compliance, and providing seamless support to international employees. Efficient workflows and clear guidelines minimise administrative hurdles.
  • Efficiency: Efficiency is crucial in cross-border staffing for optimal resource utilisation. This involves the evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of staffing models. Plus, the implementation of lean HR processes and focusing on continuous improvement.
  • Resilience: Resilience is vital to adapting to geopolitical crises. Building a robust organisational culture fosters adaptability, and investing in employee development helps create a motivated and agile workforce. The SAFE(R) model highlights the importance of a resilient culture, throughout an organisation.

Let’s explore the amplified benefits of this type of partnership when looking at maximum efficiency and compliance within your Global Mobility program. 

Expertise and Guidance: Full-Service Global Mobility Provider

Did you know that around 40% of global assignments fail because people need help to adapt to their new country? When it comes to exploring new markets, expert guidance is crucial. A full-service Global Mobility provider possesses in-depth knowledge of international laws, regulations, and cultural nuances. This expertise plays a vital role in navigating uncharted territories and ensuring the success of your employees in new markets.

Comprehensive Relocation Strategies

The SAFE(R) Model offers a holistic approach to Global Mobility, addressing strategy and operational aspects. It enhances relocation strategies by providing a comprehensive framework considering crucial factors like housing, transportation, and language training. 

Cost and Time Savings

The cost of a global relocation can be significant, so it pays to partner with an experienced provider versed in the SAFE(R) model who can help you reduce expenses. With contacts in multiple countries, global mobility providers often have access to insights and best practices to optimise the costs related to relocation. Plus, they ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, mitigating the risk of penalties and legal complications.

Integration and Support

Ensuring your employees feel comfortable and settled in their new work environment is integral to their happiness and productivity. With round-the-clock support, using a full-service Global Mobility provider in conjunction with the SAFE(R) model can assist employees in adjusting to new environments, offering services like cultural training and, whenever needed, ensuring your employees have the resources they need to succeed in their new location. They are also on hand to guide you through the visa application process before your employees move and even extend support to their families. 

Handling Unexpected Challenges

During times of transition, unexpected obstacles can arise and disrupt progress. However, The RES Forum’s SAFE(R) Model, with its 40 recommendations, equips your GMP to handle unforeseen challenges through its comprehensive approach, ensuring the smooth functioning of your business during times of uncertainty. IPM Global have access to resources in multiple countries and can provide solutions for any potential issues, from housing and transportation to employee engagement initiatives, helping to keep your business on track during times of uncertainty.

Integrated Mobility Solutions from IPM Global

At IPM Global, we understand the significance of human touch in global mobility programs, even as technology advances. The IPM approach supports clients aligning with the SAFE(R) Model, offering strategic advice and support through shifting global landscapes, ultimately helping clients achieve their commercial objectives. Our highly experienced mobility consultants have supported companies through recessions and world crises. We understand the speed and urgency needed when companies adapt. Juggling your assignee population while maintaining organisational compliance is a challenging feat. That is why we rely on more than our previous experience. Our team stays current on shifts and trends in global mobility, from changes in business traveller regulations to political turmoil. This commitment lets us strategically advise clients and help them achieve their commercial objectives. So, if your company is considering implementing or expanding a global mobility program, contact us today for a friendly, no-obligation discussion.