The Global Explorer: An Interview with IPM’s Newest Global Mobility Consultant, Akim Kiku

In the constantly evolving field of Global Mobility, few professionals possess the experience and empathy that Akim does. Akim recently joined the team at IPM Global as a Global Mobility Consultant, bringing with him an impressive background, extensive travel experience, and a unique perspective on the intricacies of relocation services. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Akim to discuss his career, his thoughts on the significance of cultural integration, and how his journey has influenced his professional philosophy.

Q: Akim, could you share a bit about your background and how you’ve arrived at IPM?

A: I’ve been working in global mobility for the past decade. My journey began at Cartus in Swindon, followed by a stint at BGRS in London. Later, I took up an in-house role at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) before moving on to work with a startup mobility company in the Netherlands. I’ve also had the opportunity to live in Dubai, which has given me a unique perspective on the industry. Now, I’m back in the UK and working at IPM as a Global Mobility Consultant. Having travelled extensively, I’ve come to value the importance of empathy and understanding in our work, and I strive to apply these principles in my everyday interactions.

Q: You’ve travelled a fair bit. Has this experience influenced your work in Global Mobility?

A: Absolutely. Moving people around the world exposes you to many cultures and lifestyles, which fuels a desire to explore. This personal touch has made it easier for me to connect with and grasp what the assignees I work with are going through on a deeper level, uniquely placing me to provide better assistance and support.

Q: How has relocating personally, especially to Dubai, influenced your approach to global mobility?

A: Moving to Dubai was a pivotal experience for me. It was the first time I had moved abroad, and the immigration process and settling in on my own taught me a lot about the challenges that assignees face. Plus, this personal journey allowed me to develop greater empathy towards the assignees I assist. It has also enabled me to better support them through their own relocation experiences.

Q: How was your experience at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)?

A: As I mentioned earlier, working at GSK gave me a unique opportunity to gain insights into global mobility from the client’s perspective. My work involved streamlining processes and collaborating closely with HR and recruitment teams, which gave me a comprehensive understanding of the behind-the-scenes actions before an actual relocation occurs. It was a truly insightful experience.

Q: With technology advancing, how do you see the balance between technology and the human aspect in global mobility?

A: Technology is undeniably essential in modernising our processes and helping businesses in all facets keep up with the latest trends. However, the human factor will remain crucial and, in my opinion, irreplaceable. A recipe for successful relocation hinges on personal support and understanding, which technology cannot replicate.

Q: How does IPM Global stand out in the Global Mobility space?

A: Well, IPM focuses on the human element of Global Mobility, providing comprehensive assistance to the assignee and their family. They have carefully chosen partners and are constantly looking to evolve their holistic approach. One partnership that we’re currently investigating is set to address the often-neglected challenges that children face when adapting to a new environment.

Q: How do you see your time in Dubai, especially regarding the local culture?

A: Dubai is a city that offers a blend of luxury, diversity, and unique challenges. It’s a melting pot of cultures, but at the same time, it presents a stark contrast in terms of classism and social stratification. Living in Dubai has been an enlightening experience that has revealed nuances you can only grasp by being a part of the community.

Akim’s journey in Global Mobility is not just a career but also a testament to the power of empathy, personal experience, and cultural understanding. We are delighted to welcome Akim, Global Mobility Consultant, to the IPM team, as his expertise in relocation services and his commitment to making the transition as smooth and humane as possible for every assignee make him a true expert.

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