Exploring Global Mobility with Shino Ito Chivers: A Conversational Journey

In the complex and ever-changing field of global mobility, understanding the nuances and challenges of relocation is crucial. Today, we are delighted to share insights from Shino Ito Chivers, a seasoned professional in the relocation industry with over 15 years of experience exploring Global Mobility. Recently joining the team at IPM as a Global Mobility Administrator, Shino brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the expatriate experience to her new role. Let’s explore her journey and perspectives on global mobility.

Q: With your extensive background in global mobility, what continues to fuel your passion in this industry?

A: My passion for global mobility stems from my own experiences as an expat. Understanding firsthand what expats go through makes my work deeply rewarding. Over the years, I’ve cherished the opportunity to collaborate closely with global mobility teams, building strong relationships across the spectrum—from colleagues and assignees to HR contacts and external service providers.”

Q: What excites you most about your new position at IPM Global?

A: “Joining IPM has been exhilarating. Although my role here presents new challenges, it’s enriched with opportunities to delve into diverse aspects of mobility I haven’t previously encountered. The company culture at IPM is highly collaborative, which resonates with me; it’s about sharing ideas and actively participating in projects. Even though I’ve been here just a few weeks, the environment is welcoming and vibrant, making it feel like home.”

Q: How do empathy and compassion play a role in your professional approach?

A: “Empathy and compassion are fundamental in global mobility. Our work involves assisting people through significant life changes, which can be stressful. Maintaining a people-centric approach not only improves the experience for our clients but also enhances the services we provide.”

Q: Could you describe how relocating to the UK has impacted your professional life?

A: “My move to the UK was initially driven by personal reasons, which serendipitously led me into the global mobility sector. Starting without prior knowledge in this field, I found my niche in leveraging my customer service skills and language abilities as a native Japanese speaker. Over time, I’ve grown professionally, continually learning and adapting, which is essential in our industry. That’s another industry element I appreciate; there is always something to learn, and I’m constantly absorbing new information.”

Q: Given recent global challenges like COVID-19, how do you see the future of global mobility?

A: “The pandemic posed significant challenges and temporarily halted physical relocations, impacting the industry heavily. Nonetheless, the underlying need for talent mobility persists. Businesses will continue to relocate personnel to spearhead projects and drive growth. While we’ve adapted to virtual environments, the essence of physical relocation remains, and with it, the need for thoughtful and efficient mobility services.”

Q: What are the current focal points in the global mobility industry?

A: “Currently, the industry is very cost-aware, scrutinising the value and necessity of relocating groups internationally. While technological advancements and AI are reshaping how we operate, the human aspect of relocation cannot be underestimated. Our role is to ensure that each relocation is as smooth and supported as possible, considering the emotional and logistical complexities involved.”

Q: How have your personal experiences enhanced your ability to serve your clients better?

A: “Having navigated my own unique challenges when I moved here—like managing healthcare needs without fluent English—I’ve gained a profound empathy for our clients. These experiences have enriched my ability to connect with and support our clients, no matter their origin or destination.”

We are delighted to have Shino Ito Chivers on board with us at IPM and truly believe her journey is a testament to the dynamic and resilient nature of the global mobility industry. Through her shared experiences, she highlights the complexities of relocation and emphasises the importance of adaptability and empathy when providing a professional service. As the industry continues to evolve, professionals like Shino play a pivotal role in shaping its future. Therefore, global mobility remains a viable and vital aspect of the modern business landscape, and we can’t wait to see how her journey with us unfolds.

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